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    Financial Planning 101 – The 5 Steps To Get Your House In Order

    Americans, by and large, punt personal finance. I don’t blame them. With tons of acronyms (403b, 401k, Roth IRAs), it’s hard to get your head around it. But when you don’t know the basics, you stop being a Hustler, and start getting hustled. We can’t have that. So we’ll give you the basics of financial planning. 1. Trust NO ONE. Question EVERYTHING Financial “experts” are nothing of the sort. Pick up a Michael Lewis book. ANY of his books. You’ll be shocked to learn exactly how much of their “expert” financial advice is a blind guess. There is no substitute for arming yourself with good old fashioned research. A Hustler…

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  • Big Picture Hustling


    Timing is everything. Conventional wisdom states that if you work hard, save 15% of your salary and invest it every month, you’ll have enough to retire. You can control what you spend. You can control, to a degree, what you earn. But you can’t control fate. Millennials know this well. When we were entering the workplace, the United States got hit with The Great Recession. The crisis decimated entire age cohort’s job prospects. I remember many of my classmates had their hard fought job offers rescinded. At the time, thousands of Americans were losing their jobs and equity markets were tanking. Housing, long espoused as the middle class’ ticket to…

  • General Hustling

    Why Gen Y Hustles

    We live in interesting times. The generation that preceded us lived in the most powerful nation in the world. They reached the top of the geopolitical food chain by investing in their physical infrastructure (Eisenhower’s National Highway Program cost a cool $128 billion), making college widely available through generous government subsidy, and ensuring a stable global order than furthered trade and global interconnectedness. After so much success with that strategy, the powers that be decided to follow that up with… the exact opposite strategy. I can’t blame them. After Baby Boomers passed through the public university system, there was no need for them keep funding it. State and federal tax…